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Cloths from Camp under the order

Cloths from Camp under the order

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Icons, faces of Saints, images of Gods, images of Prophets and images of sacred animals.
All drawings are made by the artist ballpoint black pens on pieces of white new sheets.
Each drawing takes 3 to 4 pens and 6-8 days of work.
After the pattern is finished, it is a time and resourcefulness to expel it at Will. Because of alienation in camps and prisons is the ban.
+ to all, the artist is at the bottom of this hell - Sousse (Stringent Conditions) - this is the place where the camps are the worst violators of camp rules and laws of the Russian Federation. What else greatly complicates the task of sending paintings at Will.
On all icons and images of Saints the artist has permission to execute them from the Patriarch of area where there is a camp.
We work only on an advance payment!
After you pay for the goods, the artist immediately begins to manufacture paintings. Then it takes some time to "drive" him to Freedom and to deliver it to Moscow. After that, self-pickup is possible in Moscow.
When making an order, you can provide any icon or image for the sample order, or choose one of the options offered by us.

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